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Send SMS API is the leading company in all Pakistan in providing free sms. To all the networks like, Zong, Moblink, Telenor, Warid and Uphone messages can be sent, it doesn't matter if you are anywhere in paksitan while, you can receive messages from all over the world.

API stands for Application programming interface, An API contains the specifications for routines, object classes and variables. It can also take many forms including international standard like; POSIX or vendor documentation such as Microsoft Window API and programming language including; C++ or Java API. Through our API features every that person who creates his new website in order to send online messages can use the's Gateway. After that he will be able send messages to all networks as Our Company.'s latest technology has been used by different kind of businessmen, especially small and midrange businesses. They are sending two types of messages packages after using API of our company. Free messages and premium messages can be sent to all Pakistan to any network. Everybody can send up to 100 messages in a day without any cost, and by premium package you can send 500 messages in a day for just $20 for whole month. But there are many mini packages in the premium package to ensure customer's affordability. There are many packages like one month, 3 month, 6 month, 12 month, 24 month, even you can find lifetime package for only $80.

Many school s and colleges are quickly using the SENDSMS.PK's service with or without API and sending many messages to their student for different kind of notifications.

Users can manage their numbers online in the phonebook with full protection. Listing the numbers in the phone book you can send message to many numbers in no time

Sendsms is providing the joy for Facebook's users because user can update his account by sending a message. In order to follower on tweeter tweets can also be sent to their followers with full reliability and quality.