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Send Free SMS on Mobilink and Jazz is providing the solution for sending free sms to all Pakistan. Our company is also meeting the needs of all range of businesses, specially midrange and small scale businesses. Many businesses in Pakistan are using the services of latest technologies and sending lot of messages to their staff without any cost. You can also use also our service to inform the various types of reports and notification.

Because of latest technology you can easily send free sms anywhere in Pakistan in no time. You can manage the different number in the phone book which our company is providing the facility for its customers because of this you will have no need to save the mobile number to any other place, and ensuring the availability of everything to a single platform. You can send & receive messages if you are anywhere in Pakistan including all mobilink numbers.

Commonly, is facilitating its Mobilink's customer by two main packages including; free sms package and premium package. Using free package you can send messages absolutely free of cost to all Pakistan to all network including Moblink, While, you can receive messages from all over the world. If you talk about premium package, you can get different sub packages in it like monthly package, 3month package, 6 month package, 12 month package, and 24 month package even you can get unlimited package forever and you have to pay nominal charges against the premium package. It is affordable for every kind of person and businessman. Any kind of job alerts, seasonal greeting, and advertisement our latest service can be used.

By listing the all mobilink number or jazz number you can send the lot messages to all Pakistan at a time. To ensure two way fast messaging processes has been connected to cellular telecom companies. Many colleges and schools are connecting us to send sms the student for different notifications and festivals and for other many ceremonies.

Mostly, Facebook is used by every 2nd person who use internet, and you always have to need of updating your status continuously for Facebook's user here's exciting new that by sending a single message they can update their status and you nothing have to do anymore. is also providing the API technology to its customers. Any businessman with mobilink or jazz connection who has his own website and want to send messages then he can also use our gateway for sending messages. Tweets can also be sent to your follower by using our latest technology.